Host Spotlight: Hayley Enoch

HayleyEnoch01A few weeks ago, the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation’s “The Let’s Talk Trains Show” put out a call for people passionate about trains and what they mean for the world to join our team.

This week, ShuttletrainTED introduces us to one of our new hosts. Her name is Hayley Enoch. She is from the big state of Texas. Hayley has shown that passion especially the steam era. She has a very well read blog called friendsoftheflangeFriends of the Flange, that attracted over 32,000 page views over the last three years. That blog is how we found her. Her followers continued to ask us to learn more about her and have her join us. As a result of that lobbying, we are excited to have Hayley onboard. She will be doing some every interesting and topical shows in the upcoming months, including covering the first public excursion of 611, since it’s rebuild in Spencer, North Carolina.

Hit the “PLAY” button on the player below to listen this show.

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