We are back up and running!!!

We are back!!! I’m VERY, VERY sorry for not posting anything on the LetsTalkTrains.com website, nor having a live show in the month of June. Since my trip to ride behind Norfolk & Western 611 (I promise, I will have a news story up soon!!!) on May 30th, a lot of things have happened—and I think for the better, which I hope you will agree.

We have been currently testing and now updating our audio equipment, including mixer, brand new microphones/headsets, cables, and internet connections—for me, it was changing from one ISP to another, and having to work out the bugs—actually got it figured out about 30-minutes ago.

As we have discussed, on the air previously, we are looking at the possibility of going to a podcasts-style show, to allow our fellow host the freedom to create the show when they have the available time, and for you to get a better quality and entertaining experience.

Our dear friend and founder of “the Let’s Talk Trains Show,” held the live show, each Saturday, allow live listeners the opportunity to call in and be part of the show—I for one, was one of them and I would call in each week to give the Midwest Report. Though, years later, as each of us probably experience, our free time is more and more random and/or less available; therefore, we listen to the Archived Show(s) when we can—this is supported by our listener-ship statistics, where more and more fan listen to Archived Shows.

Though, the most important thing about this show, is YOU–the listener. We would like to have your input in this conversation! What can we do to make the show experience better? Please remember, that each of our hosts, including myself are volunteers and by the great graces of the APRHF, we have a platform to be able to broadcast from. What are some features of the show that you would like to see?

Comment below and tell us!

~KC Nathan