LTT On The Road: McComb Mississippi Railroad Museum

On this episode, we head south for our annual Mississippi visit. This time we pull into McComb, Mississippi. The town of McComb is home to the McComb Railroad Museum. The town owes it’s beginnings to the railroads as do many of Mississippi towns. The McComb Railroad Museum is housed in the current Amtrak Station and has a vast collection of railroad artifacts and some rolling stock.

We visit with McComb’s mayor, Whitney Rawlings about what the railroad and the railroad museum currently means to the area. We will also find out how he personally supports the museum. Then we visit with the museum’s director, Winnie Howell. Ms. Howell will educate us on why she decided to save the depot and the town’s railroad history. Several of the museum’s volunteers will stop by to tell us what resoration projects they are working on.

Amtrak’s McComb Station Manager will closeout the episode to talk the role Amtrak plays in the town.

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